“Dough Girls” Bakery Spotlight: Not Your Everyday Donut

Pamela Poncelin is shuffling behind the bakery counter, busily preparing her artisan donuts for online delivery orders and the people periodically entering the shop. Her hair is pulled up in a high ponytail with several loose pieces framing her kind face, and I am struck by how generously she offers her time to answer myContinue reading ““Dough Girls” Bakery Spotlight: Not Your Everyday Donut”

Field Study in Farum

I am usually comfortable snapping photos of the things I find intriguing while exploring the city, but in Farum everything feels more intimate. I witness a fluffy black cat peering at me through the window of a house, a man preparing food in a kitchen visible to me from the street. These tidbits of lifeContinue reading “Field Study in Farum”

An Outing to Dyrehaven

“The air is so fresh here!” exclaim our flatmates. We’ve just exited the train station, accompanied by three of our flatmates who generously offered to show us Dyrehaven, a famous deer park. A short train ride from Frederiksberg gets us here, to the beautiful forested park just north of Copenhagen. I imagine in the springContinue reading “An Outing to Dyrehaven”

A Food-Filled Weekend

Saturday was a great day for exploration! Nikki and I decided to visit and explore the commune of Freetown Christiania within the neighborhood of Christianshavn, and the surroundings that we took in were pretty striking. I’ve already written a blog post about our visit to Christiania, so check it out for a more in-depth descriptionContinue reading “A Food-Filled Weekend”

Freetown Christiania

“Don’t buy anything there,” quips our flatmate, when we inform her we’re headed out to explore Christiania. Confused, I probe for clarification. “What do you mean we shouldn’t buy anything?” I query, prompting a chuckle from someone else. “Well, there’s a lot of weed there,” she informs us. “Buy a souvenir, but don’t bring anythingContinue reading “Freetown Christiania”


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